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Wagstaff – Bespoke 55” 4K Touch Table

In early 2015, GDS was provided with an interesting challenge; to design and develop a powerful bespoke touchscreen unit, while ensuring a high quality elegant design.

The result was our VuMapp unit – a 55” 4K touch table with a high quality form factor.

The VuMapp was designed from the ground up as a unit that customers would be proud to display in high profile office locations. Taking a nod from high-end computer and personal media devices, we worked in Corian® and powder coated metalwork to create a premium design housing an impressive architecture.

Our initial client specified the unit had to be powerful enough to run their bespoke architectural design and mapping software natively in 4K, with multi-point touch screen controls. To achieve this we created an Intel i7 based system with 6GB GTX 980Ti graphics card, 16GB DDR3 RAM and a 240GB SSD. This powerful system was coupled with custom-made controller boards and a combined power and cooling system to provide maximum capabilities in a low-impact, low-noise design.

Since the initial design phase, GDS have continued to redesign and update the system to ensure optimum capabilities with developing technologies.

GDS Technology have since sold many VuMapp units, and made them in a range of colours and finishes. The use of Corian® in the VuMapp fascia allows for easy redesign in a range of hues, tones and colours for every design sensibility.

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Click to download our VuMapp specification document.