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Transport for London – E-Ink Panels

When TFL approached GDS for an innovative low energy solution for service announcements on the London Underground, we came up with a concept to use 2x 32” E-Ink panels, one Landscape and one portrait.  The reason for choosing E-Ink is that it has the advantage of extremely low energy consumption and is used widely in Electronic Readers for this reason.  Moving this technology from a consumer application to an industrial application required a degree of industrialisation that suits GDS’s ethos for business and perfectly matches our skill set gained from years of supplying TFT screens to the transportation sector.

Using software supplied by Infotec, GDS combined the real time information showing tube line availability on the top portrait screen and system updates on the bottom, as well as including a layer for local stations to publish specific platform dependant announcements.

The immediacy of delivering up to date messages was a key requirement for this project and was successfully delivered by combining hardware and adaption of existing 3rd party software.