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Bombardier – On-board Train Displays


GDS Technology has been working with Bombardier to provide a number of innovative display solutions to the needs faced in different applications. A selection of these are shown here.

In France, GDS have designed, built and installed a series of 5.7” CCTV screens for use in train cockpits.

These CCTV displays were based on a colour LCD panel with LED backlight to reduce power consumption. Image quality is improved thanks to better control over light emissions. With a brightness of 700 cd/m2 they offer high readability and reliability, and have proven to be highly successful.

GDS installed approximately 200 17” infotainment units as replacement for old CRT monitors throughout the train carriages. These were installed in 2010 and are continuing to provide good quality reliable images to the present.

We developed and deployed more specialised units in conjunction with this project. The Ansaldo with G+Bond on HMI, and a series of 12’’ touchscreen units  rated at 2500cd/m2 with Arm uP and power on ethernet. These units are pictured here.