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Pikasso – Digital Advertising Totems and Wayfinding Units for Abdali Mall, Jordan

The Abdali shopping mall opened in Amman, Jordan in May 2016. GDS Technology was commissioned by Pikasso, the leading Out-Of-Home advertising company in Jordan and across North Africa and the Middle East, to design and build a series of totem units for this development.

The specification required a set of matching single-sided and double-sided digital advertising displays, touchscreen variants, and static wayfinder units.

Working with a partner in Belgium, GDS designed the Abdali Totems to provide a 70” full HD display, combined with a powerful Intel i5 based media player. These run a bespoke Broadsign build to allow flexibility and simplicity in setting up and managing advertising content.

The units have integrated 1080p webcams, bluebite esca beacons and NFC tags, allowing Pikasso to use and develop a wide range of interactive marketing techniques.

Due to the time required to ship the units to Jordan and clear customs at the port, the units were designed and build on a short time scale. They have now been installed in the mall in time for it to be opened on schedule, and are already playing content for consumers in the area.