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GDS Installs D6 Totems in Canary Wharf

30 January 2020



Canary Wharf is situated on the Isle of Dogs in East London, and along with the City of London, is one of the main financial centres in the United Kingdom and even the world, containing many high-rise buildings including the third-tallest in the UK, One Canada Square.

Canary Wharf consists of 97 acres and contains around 16,000,000 square feet (1,500,000 m²) of office and retail space, of which around 7,900,000 square feet (730,000 m²), about 49% is owned by the Canary Wharf Group.

It comprises many open areas, including Canada Square, Cabot Square and Westferry Circus. Together with Heron Quays and Wood Wharf, it forms the Canary Wharf Estate. Approximately 105,000 people work in Canary Wharf, and it is home to the World or European Headquarters of numerous major banks, professional services firms, and media organisations.

GDS Technology was commissioned to design, manufacture and install twenty (20) bespoke D6, 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) digital screens to compliment the prestigious landmark retail centres and their unique high quality look and feel. These exceptionally high quality advertising screens replaced the smaller exisiting displays which were previously provided by GDS in 2012.

The key specifications for these high quality screens are:

  • Double sided 4K Ultra High Definition screens
  • High performance media players utilising the BroadSign CMS
  • High specification internal cooling systems
  • Maintenance in situ, due to easily serviceable components

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