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Public Information Displays (PID) must offer reliable operation in all environmental conditions: they must be bright, rugged and offer long-term operation with very little down time which can be maintained in situ. Our innovative designs meet and exceed these worldwide exacting demands.

Since 2005, The GDS Group has provided solutions to many transportation authorities worldwide, for rail and metro stations, platforms and airports. Today GDS has the widest deployment of all-weather TFT displays worldwide, with more than 10,000 +  units installed in over 500 + stations and terminals.

Our all-weather robust displays are designed from the ground up to be of excellent quality and to offer extremely low maintenance. To protect from rain, snow, high/low temperatures and brake dust. We operate a flexible design philosophy, offering embedded PC’s, wireless connectivity and full diagnostics.

For on-board systems, GDS Technology provides units with excellent graphics capability, a long life and very low down time. We provide TCO display solutions for HMI, CCTV, infotainment, passenger information and dynamic route maps, based on TFT, E-ink (e-paper) and LED technology.

GDS Technology holds RISQS certification for the UK whilst the GDS Group holds IRIS certification, the International Railway Industry Standard- a globally recognised standard unique to the railway sector for the evaluation of management systems.

We understand the need to balance environmental and operating life requirements with overall design costs, and work to the lowest long term cost of ownership.



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