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Fuel Stations

With GDS Technology's fuel station solutions, managing your fuel pricing signage is far easier and gas stations and car washes become powerful places to advertise.

GDS’ brightest solutions for advertising are designed to challenge the constraints of gas station and car wash environments, creating new opportunities for revenue contribution.

These enhanced screens guarantee maximum contrast and brilliant colours both in indoor and outdoor environments, and can be easily integrated in customised mechanics to show advertising, videos and text messages.

Alongside these bright displays, GDS Technology has developed an E-ink solution for price signage 'e-Tela'. The E-ink technology within this display emulates the reading experience of printed text. Using our displays, retailers benefit from simple price change management, fully scalable signage solutions, low power, low maintenance, and thanks to the high contrast of the display, best-in-class readability of content even outdoors and in full sunlight.




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